INEQUALITY AND ECONOMICS: Tony Atkinson”s enduring lessons

Sir Tony Atkinson, the doyen of inequality economics and former president of the Royal Economic Society, passed away in January 2017. Andrea Brandolini, head the statistical analysis directorate at the Bank of Italy and a longstanding friend and co-author of Tony''s, has written an ''intellectual obituary'' of him at Vox.

Andrea outlines Tony''s contributions to the analysis and measurement of inequality – and many other areas of economics, including taxation, social protection, and the welfare state. He notes that the ultimate goal of Tony''s research was to translate economic analysis into policy actions: he believed that economics is a tool for understanding the world and taking informed decisions on policies, but economists must strive to communicate their results beyond the narrow circles of decision-makers, making them accessible for public discussion.

Full posting of the article available here: http://voxeu.org/article/inequality-and-economics-tony-atkinson-s-enduring-lessons