Hypothetical Intertemporal Consumption Choices

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Description of data:
The data for the paper “Hypothetical Intertemporal Consumption Choices” are in the STATA dataset hypothetdata. This dataset merges data from the CentER Savings Survey (CSS) and data from a special interview module administered on February 25 2002 to the CentERpanel, as explained in the paper. The codebook for the special module follows below. The data that are merged in from the CSS have value and variable labels and hence do not need further explanation.

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Codebook 4 questions from the Dutch version of the Kimball questionnaire.

The SPSS-portable file ”kimball3p.por” contains 266 variables and 1549 cases.
The variables v1, v2, v3 en v4 contain the answers on respectively the questions 1, 2, 3 en 4. In week 4 of the year 2002 respondents of the CentERpanel made a choice from one of five presented consumption patterns. The five consumption patterns were placed in a random order. The (randomized) order is in the variables perm11 to perm45.

The variables q1 t/m q4 contain the anwers on questions 1 t/m 4 in not-randomized order. The consumption patterns (in original order) were composed with variables in the following tabels. The variables containing the values r en a are shown in separate tabels. View tables (162KB)

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