Do Anomalies Disappear in Repeated Markets

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Description of data:
These notes explain the format of the data contained in the file LSS-EJ-C03 and discussed in ”Do Anomalies Disappear in Repeated Markets” Loomes, Starmer and Sugden, Economic Journal March, 2003.


SUBJECT: subject identifier
(Note: one group of subjects – session15/group1 -failed to complete all of the tasks: these subjects were excluded from the analysis and do not appear in the data file hence the missing subject numbers at the end of the file)

SESSION: session in which subject took part

GROUP: referred to as ”Trading group” in the paper

SUBG: referred to as ”Majority/Minority subgroup” in the paper


MarketiVj= Subject’s stated valuation in round j of Market i (j=1,..,6)
MarketiPj= Price in round j of Market i.

The Market numbers (1 – 6) correspond with those of Table 1 hence:

Market 1: buy vouchers high value voucher
Market 2: sell vouchers low value voucher
Market 3: buy lotteries high value lottery
Market 4: sell lotteries high value lottery
Market 5: buy lotteries low value lottery
Market 6: sell lotteries low value lottery