Lecture – Tim Harford at the Royal Institution, 10 February 1930


Tim Harford will present the Pro Bono Economics Lecture '' Good Causes and Bad Statistics'' on Wednesday February 10th,&##160; at the Royal Institution''s Faraday Theatre at 1930.&##160; Tim is an elected RES Council member, and RES members are particularly welcome to attend this lecture which will bring together charity professionals and economists from both the public and private sector in an illuminating event on third sector impact.

Tim Harford is an economist, Financial Times journalist and author of the Undercover Economist series. Tim has also presented the BBC Radio 4 show “More or Less” since 2007 and gave a highly successful RES Public Lecture in 2013 – view here.

At the PBE Lecture on 10 Feb 2016, Tim will talk about instances where charities employ unsubstantiated figures that may ultimately damage their public image in a style similar to his BBC Radio 4 show “More or less.”, in particular looking at how charities utilise statistics in order to garner wider support,

Tim''s address will be followed by a panel discussion with experts from the charity and grant-making sectors.

The RES is happy to recommend to its members the work of Pro Bono Economics (PBE) which provides charities with a free service: the expertise of economists to help them answer questions about measurement, results, impact and value. Charities often lack resources internally to answer these questions, and may not be able to pay for expert help.
PBE offer economists an opportunity to apply their skills, sometimes those they are not using in their day jobs, to a new sector. Often, economists don''t see the end result of their work, but volunteering may allow them to visit a charity and get closer to the sharp end, perhaps seeing how services are delivered and how their work can contribute to this. Read more about PBE

Read more about the Tim Harford PBE Lecture and register for a ticket here.