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Virtual Issue on COVID-19

The third Virtual Issue of The Econometrics Journal collates the articles on COVID-19 it published over the past two years. These articles employ state-of-the-art econometric methods to evaluate mitigation policies

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Virtual Issue on Macroeconometrics

The second Virtual Issue of The Econometrics Journal collates recent research on the evaluation of unconventional monetary policy, high-dimensional forecasting, and other cutting edge topics in

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Special issues from Special Sessions

2023 Weak Identification: Anna Mikusheva
2022 The New Difference-in-Differences: Xavier d’Haultfœuille and Jeffrey Wooldridge
2021 Econometrics of Dynamic Discrete Choice: Victor Aguirregabiria and Martin Pesendorfer
2019 Econometrics of Panel Data: Iván Fernández-Val and Bo Honoré
2018 Structural Macroeconometrics: Barbara Rossi and Marco del Negro
2017 Econometrics of Games: Phil Haile and Elie Tamer
2016 Model Selection and Inference: Chris B. Hansen and Bruce E. Hansen
2015 Econometrics of Matching: Alfred Galichon and Parag Pathak
2014 Large Dimensional Models: Jianqing Fan and Marc Hallin
2013 Econometrics of Heterogeneity: Stephane Bonhomme and Yuichi Kitamura
2012 Econometrics of Forecasting: Raffaella Giacomini and Siem Jan Koopman
2010 Econometrics of Inequality: Russell Davidson et al.
2009 Factor Models: Serena Ng, M. Hashem Pesaran and Lucrezia Reichlin
2008 Financial Econometrics: O. E. Barndorff-Nielsen et al.

Other special issues