Impact Factor Increases to All-time High of 1.152


The 2017 Journal Citation Reports® (Clarivate Analytics, 2018) for The Econometrics Journal show that its Journal Impact Factor has increased to an all-time high of 1.152. Although we do not want to overinterpret this one rise, in particular given the recent volatility of the Journal's Impact Factors, we have good reasons to expect the Journal's impact to increase more systematically in the near future.

In 2017, The Econometrics Journal introduced a new editorial policy that emphasizes applied relevance and ensures rapid review and publication. With this new policy, the Journal aims at promoting econometrics that matters and increasing the Journal’s influence on both econometrics and empirical economics. It will take some time for this effect to be measured by the Impact Factors. The Impact Factors reported here cover citations of articles published in 2016 and before. Therefore, they do not yet reflect the impact of the new editorial policy, which only affected submissions from 2017 onwards (which will result in publications from 2018 onwards). The 2019 Impact Factors, which will become available halfway 2020, will be the first that (partly) cover publications under the new policy. As we noted in our last Annual Report, we expect systematic improvements in the Journal's impact from then onwards.