RES COVID Academic Support fund: Awards for first funding round


The RES has made awards totalling over £150k following the first round of applications to its COVID Academic Support fund. The fund was created to support members who have been particularly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK universities and academic departments, and to support innovations in teaching economics that have arisen from online/blended learning delivery during 2020.

Awards were made to the following in Round 1:

PhD students

Zain ul Abadin (Reading)

Mohamed Abouaziza (Sussex)

Anuja Bajaj (Sussex)

Fabio Bertolottiv (LSE)

Prateek Chandra Bhan (Glasgow)

Andre Butler (Edinburgh)

Diego de la Fuente Stevens (Sussex)

Fjolla Kondirolli (Sussex)

Rajkamal Singh Mann (Oxford Brookes)

Giulia Vattuone (Warwick)

Kai Wang (Sussex)

Early career researchers

Stephen Billington (Ulster)

Kilian Russ (LSE)

Navjot Sangwan (Greenwich)

Marta Santamaria (Warwick)

Andreas Stegmann (Warwick)

Ao Wang (Warwick)

Teaching innovations

Caroline Elliott (Warwick)

Fahrida Miah (Greenwich)