Economics Experience Day – Discover Economics

Economics Experience Day, on the 13th of December 2022 On Campus event (for 50 students in year 12 and teachers).

Discover Economics will deliver the ‘Economics Experience Day’ (on the 13th of December 2022) at the University of Sussex. The Economics team (staff and students, and Economics Champions) will organize a series of interactive activities, collaborative teamwork and innovative teaching pedagogies to discover and answer some of the “Why?” economists ask. Each activity will provide students with some clues (scramble letters) to discover at the end the day the story and contribution of a great economist. For instance, we propose Elinor OSTROM or other famous economists belonging to any of the 4 under-represented categories: BAME economists, Women economists, LGBT economists, and economists with disabilities. The day will end with a convivial networking event to provide opportunity to listen and ask questions to current and alumni Sussex students and to experts and professionals working in several economic sectors.


Venue information

University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton
BN1 9SL, United Kingdom

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