Call for papers: How expectations are formed and how they are measured


Date: 02 April 2023

Location: University of Stirling, UK


Stirling Behavioural Science Centre will host a series of talks on how expectations are formed and how they are measured.

The keynote speaker for the event is Nicola Gennaioli of the University Bocconi, Milan.

We invite you to submit for presentation your leading-edge research on the formation and elicitation of expectations. Questions that we consider particularly important include:

  • What judgment biases contaminate the formation and updating of beliefs? How could we debias beliefs? Is it appropriate to attempt to do so?
  • What characteristics predict belief updating? Are updates to beliefs considered judgments or overreactions?
  • Are current survey measures of expectations unbiased representations of respondents’ beliefs? If not, how can we distinguish bias in the formation of beliefs from bias in the reporting of beliefs?
  • Are there alternative measures of expectations that have better properties than current measures?
  • How well do current survey measures of expectations predict real-world behaviours? Do they predict certain decisions (e.g. investment decisions) better than others (e.g. political decisions)? Does this differ across expectations measures?


Event details

The event will take place at the University of Stirling, nestled between the Wallace Monument and the Ochil hills. The venue is an hour from Glasgow, where the Royal Economics Society conference will take place over the three days that follow.

Please send your abstract (<500 words) to david.comerford@stir.ac.uk in an email with the subject line: “April 2nd expectations event” before December 21st 2022.

This event is sponsored by the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Saltire Facilitation Networking Award.

More information here.