2023 Vinson Centre Conference in the Classical Political Economy Tradition



The Vinson Centre will be hosting its Annual Conference on campus on Wednesday 19 July (10 – 17.00 hrs., Vinson Building). They have invited senior scholars from the USA, the UK and Continental Europe to discuss several topics in the Classical Political Economy tradition. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this field for those interested in Economics, Politics, History and Philosophy. Topics include:

  • Session1 : The perils of big government and market intervention: the revival of ‘the spirit of 1945’?
  • Session 2: Classical Political Economy as a discipline
  • Session 3: Liberalism in retreat


Please, click here to register for the conference, or email Vinson Centre at info@vinsoncentre.com by 12 July. You can access the conference programme at https://vinsoncentre.com/events/.


Download poster here