Event updates: Let’s celebrate the women in economics


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In honour of International Women’s Day, the Royal Economic Society would like to bring to light some of our latest events that revolve around women in economics, brought to you by the RES Women’s Committee.

Our Women’s Committee promotes the status of women in economics by identifying and removing barriers to progress and provides support for women in their careers as economists.

Join our celebration by taking part in one of these events:

1. RES Mentoring Programme

The RES Mentoring Programme is run by the Women’s Committee and provides early career female researchers the opportunity to attend an online mentoring programme.

The programme consists of two events:

Mentoring Session

This will be held on a mutually convenient date in February/March, prior to the RES Mentoring Retreat. It will include a group virtual mentoring session with one to three other mentees.

Mentoring Retreat

This will be held on 26 April 2022. The virtual RES Mentoring Retreat includes plenary sessions on topics such as career progression, research funding applications and other relevant career advice. View the full programme here.

2. RES 2022 Annual Conference: Women’s Committee Special Session

The Royal Economic Society 2022 Annual Conference will be holding a special session by the RES Women’s Committee, which will be held during the first day of the conference, 11 April 2022, 16:15-17:45pm, covering the topic of “The Efficient Allocation of Female Talent in the Economics Profession”.

Speakers: This session will be chaired by Professor Almudena Sevilla (RES Women’s Committee and UCL), along with the following speakers.

  • Dr. Erin Hengel, UCL
  • Professor Alessandra Casarico, University of Bocconi
  • Professor Nagore Iriberri, University of The Basque Country
  • Professor Sarah Smith, University of Bristol
  • Professor Shelly Lundberg, University of Santa Barbara

In addition, the RES Women’s Committee will also be holding a networking session at the Annual Conference, providing opportunities for junior career researchers on how to engage with the Women’s Committee.

For more information about the conference and its sessions, click here.

3. RES Women’s Committee Consultation event: UK Women in Economics Network

The RES Women’s Committee is holding its first consultation event of female leaders in economics across the public, private and academic sectors in the UK, which is convened with the support from the Bank of England.

It will take place in person from 9am-12pm on 12 May 2022.

The Women’s Committee is keen to start a new UK Network of Women in Economics which span across sectors where economists are a large part of the workforce, with the objective of supporting career progression of women in economics across the pipelines. Through this event, the Women’s Committtee will be consulting with leading female economists on the objectives and priorities of such a network.

The event will be opened by Governor Andrew Bailey and RES President Tim Besley. There will be a panel presentation from female economists from across the different sectors and networking.

Please keep an eye on our RES website and social media pages for further event updates.