RES Summit 2023

The RES Summit is an annual online event with 2 parts. The first part draws together a panel of experts who will explore the impact of the current crisis and how economists can continue to contribute to the debate.

The second part of the event will provide practical insight from educators into how we can embed teaching within core economics undergraduate units and the general principles that can be applied to embedding climate change within undergraduate degrees.

RES Summit 2023

Inflation and the Cost of Living Crisis

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This event is a timely look at how economists think about inflation, particularly in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis. The first panel discussion features economists within academia, banking and think tanks as discussing recent research findings on inflation and standards of living and the challenges they pose for policymakers. The second panel considers teaching materials and strategies that effectively communicate the intricacies of inflation and its consequences to students. This event is the second in the RES’s new series of topical Summits, and is aimed at researchers, policy makers, lecturers and students interested in this topical issue.


Romesh Vaitilingam MBE

Romesh is an economics writer and communications consultant, the editor-in-chief of the Economics Observatory and a member of the editorial board of Vox.  As a specialist in translating economic and financial concepts into everyday language, Romesh has advised a number of government agencies and international institutions, including the European Central Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the UK’s Department for International Development. His work also involves consultancy for the economic research community, notably advising the European Economic Association, the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE and the Centre for Economic Policy Research on the management and development of their public profile; managing the IGM Forum surveys of economic experts; and training economists in communication skills.


Panel Members


Dr. Swati Dhingra

Swati is Associate Professor of Economics at LSE, and an Associate of the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE.  She is a Director of The Royal Mint Museum and a member of the Steering Group for the UK’s Economy 2030 Inquiry. Recently, she has also been a member of the UK’s Trade Modelling Review Expert Panel and the LSE’s Economic Diplomacy Commission. From 1 January 2023, she has taken up the position of Director of the Review of Economic Studies. Her research has been funded by ESRC, ERC, IGC, UKRI and was awarded the ONS’s Research Excellence People’s Choice Award 2019. She was elected to the Council of the Royal Economic Society in 2021.


Xiaowei Xu

Xiaowei joined the IFS in 2018 and works in the Income, Work and Welfare sector. Her research focuses on inequalities in labour market outcomes and health. Before joining the IFS, she worked at McKinsey, the Gates Foundation and in economic consulting.


Alfie Stirling

Alfie leads the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) insight and analysis teams and holds personal research interests across economic and social policy. Previously Alfie was Director of Research and Chief Economist at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), leading research teams across economics, environment and social policy. Prior to that, Alfie was senior economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), leading macroeconomic and fiscal policy research for the Commission on Economic Justice. Alfie is a regular contributor in national media through TV, radio and print.


Fabio Arico

Fabio Aricò

Fabio Aricò is a Professor of Higher Education and Economics at the University of East Anglia, where he was recently appointed as Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research Practice Policy and Scholarship (CHERPPS). Fabio is an established educator and innovator. He serves as member of the Executive Group of the Economics Network and as member of the Editorial Board of the International Review of Economics Education. He has recently contributed to the work of the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement Advisory Group for Economics. Fabio was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2017 and his broad research interests encompass viva voce assessment, student self-efficacy, the impact of technology enhanced learning on students with learning difficulties, as well as widening access policies. Fabio is currently conducting research on students working part-time over the course of their degree.


Yunzi He

Yunzi is a Lecturer at the University of Bristol and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research ranges across economics pedagogy, environmental policy, labour migration, and child development. Her recent project is on international students’ transition into university and their learning behaviour in small group sessions.

Scott Wolla

Scott Wolla is the Economic Education Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Scott is a nationally recognized, award-winning economic educator with 14 years of classroom teaching experience. He has published articles in journals such as Journal of Economic EducationThe American Economist, and Journal of Economics Teaching, and he has written more than 300 classroom teaching resources which have been published by a variety of economic education outlets. Scott’s work has been cited by media outlets such as National Public Radio and The Economist. He currently teaches economics as an adjunct at Washington University in St. Louis.

Event lead by the RES Education and Training Committee as part of the RES Professional Development Series.  This is an RES Member event.

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The RES Summit is open to RES members. Become a member, or learn about member benefits here.