Scholars Fund Application Form

The RES Scholars Fund aims to support PhD students presenting at our annual conference.  Please complete the following application to be considered for the fund.

Application process:

  1. Compete the form by Monday 14 April
  2. Applicants should include:
    • Reference ID number of accepted conference paper, or a copy of a final or draft poster
    • Evidence of career stage in the form of a letter or similar
    • Endorsement from institution should applicant be applying for the enhanced fund.
  3. RES Scholars need to book and pay to attend the RES conference, although not required at the point of applying for the fund.
  4. Application outcomes will be sent via email to all who applied the week beginning 25 April
  5. All RES Scholars need to join the RES as a member, or purchase a bundle conference ticket.

Scholars Fund Application

Funding Request
Almost all PhD students will apply for the Scholars Fund. A small number of PhD Students who based in developing countries or are living with significant hardship may apply for additional funding (up to £1000) - please carefully review the requirements, if you do not meet the requirements, you will not be considered for the Scholars Fund.
Presenting a Paper or Poster
If you are presenting a paper in a general session, we will accept the ID number below. Then please only upload PhD/career stage evidence below.
The following fields are used to help us monitor the diversity of RES activities
Add supporting documentation
Combine all documents into ONE PDF. This must include evidence of career stage. If you are applying to present a poster, this should be added here (can be in draft form), if you are apply and you are presenting a paper in a general session, upload your evidence of career stage only.