RES Annual Conference: Special Sessions

How to apply for a Conference Special Session

The RES Conference features a dedicated slot for Special Sessions each day, typically accommodating 5 to 6 parallel sessions, with an estimated audience of 70-150 delegates per session.  Given their popularity these slots are in high demand.

We welcome applications from anyone interested in hosting a Special Session. Special Sessions are key to shaping and enriching the conference experience. Each application undergoes a thorough review by the Conference Programme Chair and Deputy Chair. The final selection and approval of the overall conference programme is undertaken by the RES President.

Special sessions can take any format. Sessions that work particularly well tend to be one of the following:

  • Panel discussion
  • Keynote and discussant
  • Paper(s) presentation
  • ‘Fireside chats’.

In line with the Conference’s aim to increase diversity, we seek applications to special sessions that offer diversity in terms of speakers, organiser and content. 

There are three routes to apply for a Special Sessions. Applications are now CLOSED

Sponsorship: Sponsors pay £4000 to secure one of a limited number of Special Session slots.  These represent an excellent platform for promoting an organisation and its work.  Although the session content cannot be used to sell or promote a product or service, the sponsor can include their branding on a session appropriate to the conference programme.  The RES Conference Programme Chair can assist sponsors in topic or speaker recommendations.

The sponsor shall be responsible for all the costs associated with the session, excluding those included in the package (see brochure).

Self-Funded: Individuals or organisations may submit applications for Special Sessions which require no support from the RES.  These sessions are reviewed by the Programme Chair.

The organisation or individual(s) funding the session shall be responsible for all the costs associated with the session, including registration of the Chair and speakers and any associated travel expenses.

Funded: The RES offers limited funds to assist special sessions where self-funded or sponsored applications routes are not possible. In general, RES support shall be limited to funding one day conference tickets for up to 3 presenter(s)/chair.

Applicants should detail where funding can be of help to their submission and should evidence other forms of funding (e.g. their institution, grant, sponsorship) that have been investigated and exhausted.

If you have any questions about submitting an application, please contact Georgina Jenkins: events@res.org.uk