Special Session

Conference Special Sessions

Annually, we host a select number of sessions which are current and topical with wider appeal.  In 2023, the RES and SES have selected the best of the best for our return to in-person conferences.

For more information on each special session, please visit the programme.

Monday 3 April

11:45 – 12:45

S1: RES Women’s Committee Session: Advice on Publishing in Economics

S2: ESRC Productivity Research

S3: New perspectives on market power

S4: New monetary policy databases

Tuesday 4 April

11:45 – 12:45

S6: The Economy 2030 Inquiry – Shaping a Decade of Change

S7: Distortions in energy, carbon and labour markets: consequences for policy and productivity

S8: Equalising opportunities: education, skills, and labour market inequalities

S9: The Econometrics Journal Special Session on Weak Identification

S10: Replication and Research Transparency in Empirical Economics

Wednesday 5 April

10:15 – 11:15

S11: Adam Smith at 300: What can the Wealth of Nations do for Economics Education today?

S12: Productivity under global uncertainty

S13: National Institute for Economic and Social Research Session on Co-ordinating monetary, fiscal and financial interventions

S14: Administrative data for education research: building bridges using the GRADE data sharing project


Applications are now closed.


Special Session proposal: self-funded

If you would like to brand your Special Session with your logo and include a link to a webpage, self-funded is the most appropriate route.  Note that no funding is available via this route, nor can the RES offer complimentary conference tickets to your presenter(s), staff or chair. 

By self-funding you can:

  • Add your logo to the Conference website
  • Include your logo in the Conference app against your Special Session
  • Place a banner in your session room
  • Brand the title of the session e.g. Bank of England session on xyz.

Special Session Proposal: funding request

Accepted proposals will receive the following assistance from the RES/SES:

  • Support for economy advance travel*
  • One day conference ticket(s) for the day of your Special Session for up to 4 presenters

*In line with the RES expenses policy (provided on acceptance of the proposal)

Following the Conference a claim form will be available from this page. In order to claim expenses you will need to provide the receipts for economy advance travel – claims will be processed and refunded up to the maximum amount awarded to your session. Note that subsistence, accommodation or additional registration fees are not eligible for reimbursement.

Diversity and Inclusion

The RES are committed to ensuring the conference is balanced and inclusive and actively promote diversity. We strongly encourage submitters to ensure Special Sessions have a good representation of gender, ethnicity and strive to incorporate views from a diversity of economic fields whenever possible.  The RES understand that it might be difficult to consider all aspects of diversity and inclusion in anyone single special session and we will aim to achieve this commitment across the number of Special sessions. In this respect, we reserve the right not to accept a Special Session if this is obstructive to the expressed commitment.