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RES 2022 Annual Conference Sponsors

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The RES would like to thank the continued support of our conference sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring the conference please take a look at our packages on offer or contact events@res.org.uk to discuss a bespoke package.

The Economics Network is the largest and longest-established academic organisation devoted to improving the teaching and learning of economics in universities, running Europe’s premiere international economics education conference.



The Economic Journal is one of the founding journals of modern economics. Since 1891 the journal has provided a platform for high-quality, imaginative economic research, earning a worldwide reputation for excellence as a general interest journal, publishing papers in all fields of economics for a broad international readership.

The Economic Journal welcomes submissions whether they be theoretical, applied, or orientated towards academics or policymakers. The Editorial Board are drawn from leading international institutions and cover a wide range of expertise. As well as providing the reader with a broad spectrum of high-quality, stimulating papers the Editorial Board is committed to providing rapid feedback to submitting authors.

Royal Economic Society prize Awarded to the best paper published in The Economic Journal as selected by the RES President, a representative of the Editorial Board and a Council member.

The RES is pleased to announce that the 2021 Royal Economic Society Prize has been awarded to:

  • Michael Koch, Ilya Manuylov & Marcel Smolka for their article ‘Robots and Firms’.

Austin Robinson memorial prize Awarded to the best paper published in The Economic Journal in a given year by an author (or multiple authors) who is within 5 years of receiving his or her (or their) PhD at the time of acceptance, as selected by the Editors of The Economic Journal. The RES is pleased to announce that the 2021 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize has been awarded to:

  • Enrico Berkes, Ruben Gaetani for their article ‘The Geography of Unconventional Innovation’.


The Economic Journal (res.org.uk)


The Econometrics Journal was established in 1998 by the Royal Economic Society to promote the general advancement and application of econometric methods and techniques to problems of relevance to modern economics.

The Econometrics Journal aims to publish high quality research papers relevant to contemporary econometrics in which primary emphasis is placed on important and original contributions of substantive direct or potential value in applications.

The Econometrics Journal is particularly interested in path-breaking articles in econometrics and empirical economics that address leading cases rather than provide an exhaustive treatment.

Denis Sargan Econometrics Prize The Denis Sargan Econometrics Prize was introduced in 2011 by The Econometrics Journal on behalf of the Royal Economic Society. The prize is awarded for the best (unsolicited) article published in The Econometrics Journal in a given year by anyone who is within five years of receiving their doctorate. The RES is pleased to announce that the 2021 Denis Sargan Econometrics Prize has been awarded to:

  • Xuewen Yu for their article ‘Generalized forecast averaging in autoregressions with a near unit root’

The 2020 Denis Sargan Econometrics Prize has been awarded to:

  • Neng-Chieh Chang for their article ‘Double/debiased machine learning for difference-in-differences models’

The Econometrics Journal (res.org.uk)


Cambridge University Press is part of the University of Cambridge.

Our mission is to unlock people’s potential with the best learning and research solutions. Our vision is a world of learning and research inspired by Cambridge. Our peer-reviewed publishing lists comprise over 53,000 titles covering academic research, professional development, over 350 research journals, school-level education, English language teaching and Bible publishing.

A pioneer in our field, we are committed to supporting innovation in learning and teaching. We publish without boundaries, ensuring our resources are accessible across the globe, in print, online and other digital formats. 




Founded in 1913, Harvard University Press offers books for a general readership as well as scholarly and professional audiences from renowned experts and new voices who are redefining entire fields of inquiry. Our new economics books include A Brief History of Equality by Thomas Piketty, Growth for Good by Alessio Terzi, The Future of Money by Eswar Prasad, and The Return of Inequality by Mike Savage.

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Oxford University Press (OUP) is a department of the University of Oxford, furthering the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. OUP is the proud publisher of the The Economic Journal and the Econometrics Journal, in partnership with the Royal Economic Society.

Oxford University Press – homepage (oup.com)


Princeton University Press is a leading independent publisher of trade and scholarly books with a distinguished list in the field of economics and finance. We aim to publish the most influential and groundbreaking thinking, books that actively influence how the field defines and redefines itself through a broad range of new and challenging ideas and an increasingly diverse group of authors and perspectives. Visit our website to browse our newest titles, sample chapters, preview audiobooks and explore additional content.

New and noteworthy books include:

  • Restarting the Future: How to Fix the Intangible Economy by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake
  • Cogs and Monsters: What Economics Is, and What It Should Be by Diane Coyle
  • Career and Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity by Claudia Goldin
  • The Economics of Sovereign Debt and Default by Mark Aguiar and Manuel Amador
  • The Economist’s Craft: An Introduction to Research, Publishing, and Professional Development by Michael S. Weisbach.

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Instructors and prospective authors: Please visit https://press.princeton.edu/resources for information on how to request inspection copies or submit proposals.

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Embedded in Potsdam’s unique cultural landscape, in close proximity to the Prussian palaces and gardens, the still relatively young University of Potsdam has established itself at three locations. The campus Am Neuen Palais, which is in the immediate proximity of the Park of Sanssouci, is home to the Faculty of Arts. In rural Golm, where one of the largest science parks of the region has grown, there are the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Law Faculty and Faculty of Digital Engineering are in Griebnitzsee, not very far from Babelsberg with its historical film studios. Thomas Siedler is Professor of Economics with a focus on microeconometrics at Universität Potsdam. He developed the e-learning platform mcEmpirics. It comprises more than 1.000 introductory econometric questions, answers to those questions, and references to manuals. Learning with mcE-quizzes (consisting of true-false and multiple-choice questions) gives undergraduate students an opportunity to assess their knowledge of introductory econometrics and refresh their skills. mcEmpirics has been designed to complement lectures and course work. With an mcEmpirics campus license, professors and educators can improve their teaching methods effectively by conducting online tests throughout the semester. They can quickly create online tests by selecting questions and contexts developed by mcEmpirics or by using their own questions. The University of Potsdam regards itself as an entrepreneurial university that promotes the application of acquired and generated knowledge thus ensuring long-term future prospects for its members and campuses. As the biggest university in the Federal Land Brandenburg and through networking with extramural research institutions, it creates an enormous knowledge pool every year. It is important to make use of this with innovations as the driving force for the economic region Berlin-Potsdam- Brandenburg. Therefore, the university actively supports entrepreneurial activities of members and alumni.




Timberlake is a global brand with over thirty-five years of experience and expertise as a supplier of statistical, econometric and forecasting software packages; the delivery of quality training courses; and a consultancy service provider.

We provide a total solution to our diverse range of clients across the fields of statistics, econometrics, forecasting, quantitative and qualitative research, epidemiology, finance, political and social sciences as well as data visualisation. Our vision is to be a world class provider of cutting edge statistical, econometric and operational research software and training solutions. Investment in our core values and staff is fundamental to our success.

We support all of our customers to be the best in class of their field, globally. We are an authorised distributor of all software packages held within our portfolio. Our relationships with the developers of the software packages that we distribute are long established and we enjoy close partnerships with the developers of the leading software tools in the specialist technical and scientific fields. The software packages we offer include:

  • Stata,
  • OxMetrics,
  • EViews,
  • NVIVO,
  • Gauss,
  • Citavi,
  • Statgraphics,
  • What’sBest!/LINGO/LINDO API,
  • RATS,
  • Scientific WorkPlace,
  • XlModeler,
  • Microfit,
  • WinSolve,
  • Stat/Transfer,
  • TSP,
  • Cytel,
  • @RISK

Training: To help professionals, academics and students to grow and develop their existing skills and keep-up with the latest theoretical and software developments in the statistics and econometrics fields, Timberlake Consultants’ organise training courses and other events internationally, including software user group meetings and free seminars. Click here to check our upcoming training courses Consultancy: Our expertise can greatly assist clients in defining and implementing solutions to the projects that they are involved in. We aim to provide thoroughly researched and professionally delivered solutions and work frequently with software developers and/or academic associates experts in the relevant fields.