#RES2022 Hub Events

Three hub events will offer conference delegates face-to-face time with peers and colleagues, included in your conference ticket.  Each hub venue will host an in-person keynote, networking opportunities and time to come together to view the virtual keynotes. You can select the hub you wish to attend when booking your place at the conference.

Are you a PhD Student?

If you are a PhD Student and you’d like to attend a hub event, the RES can assist you with your travel costs up to the value of £100 for advance travel bookings.  For more information visit this section on our conference homepage.


09.00-10.15 (GMT)
Welcome to the Conference and Presidential Address
Professor Tim Besley, LSE and President of the RES
Chair: Professor Mary Morgan, LSE
(This will be an in-person session and both Professor Tim Besley and Professor Mary Morgan will be at Reading for most of the day)
10.15-12.15 (GMT)

Meeting space will be made available throughout the morning for in-person networking and for participants to watch the virtual sessions from the conference. 

12.15-13.30 (GMT) – This session is live streamed from the Virutal Conference
Lunchtime chat: Professor Diane Coyle in conversation with Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta – The economics of biodiversity (Virtual screening)
Light refreshments available.
13.30-15.00 (GMT) – This session is live streamed into the Virutal Conference
Hub keynote address and discussant: Gender balance in the household and workplace in the Covid recovery
Hub speaker: Professor Barbara Petrongolo, University of Oxford
Policy discussants: Cristiano Cantore, Bank of England; Gillian Unsworth, Government Economic Service and Rain Newton-Smith, Confederation of British Industry
Chair: Professor Marina Della Giusta, University of Reading
15.00-16.00 (GMT) – This session is live streamed from the Virutal Conference
Virtual Economic Journal Keynote Address: How People Think About the Economy: Evidence from Social Economics Surveys
Keynote speaker: Professor Stefanie Stantcheva, Harvard University
Chair: Professor Francesco Lippi, Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Journal
16.15–17.45 (GMT)
Throughout the afternoon there will be various spaces available for attendees to come together to network but also watch the virtual special sessions.

On booking your place, you will be asked to indicate if you’d like to take part in the poster sessions. Information on poster sessions

11.30-12.30 (GMT)
Registration and Poster session presentations

Light lunch and networking

13.15-14.15 (GMT) – This session is live streamed into the Virutal Conference
Hub keynote address: Economic Growth
Hub keynote: Professor Oded Galor, Brown University
Chair: Professor Akos Valentinyi, University of Manchester
Opening welcome: Professor Nick Crafts, RES President-Elect

14.15-15.00 (GMT)
Virtual Networking Session: Advice to my former self – from the perspective of a recently qualified PhD student

15.00-16.30 (GMT)
Virtual special sessions, networking and poster sessions

16.45-17.45 (GMT) – This session is live streamed from the Virutal Conference
Sargan Lecture –  Keynote speaker: Professor Serena Ng, Columbia University – Imputing Weekly Values of Monthly Economic Indicators: A Matrix Completion Approach
Chair: Professor Jaap Abbring, Managing editor, Econometric Journal and Tilburg University
Thanks and close: Denise Osborn, RES Secretary General

Afternoon session
Registration and networking followed by a series of paper presentations and discussions, overseen by Professor Farzana Afridi, Indian Statistical Institute

Disentangling the debate around women’s paid work in India
Chair: Ashwini Deshpande, Ashoka University 

  • “Words Matter: Gender, Jobs and Applicant Behavior” – Kanika Mahajan, Ashoka University
  • “Effect of Co-residence with Parents-in-law on Female Labor Force Participation in India” – Deepshikha Batheja, Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy
  • “Are gender norms systematic to caste institutions? Examining preferences through a social experiment in North Indian villages” – Aprajita Dasgupta, Ashoka University
  • “Women’s Work in India: Evidence from changes in time use between 1998 and 2019” – Nicholas Li, Ryerson University 

13.30-15.00 (GMT) / 19.00-20.30 (IST) – This session is live streamed into the Virutal Conference
Hub keynote: Women, Work and the Role of Technology
Professor Farzana Afridi, Indian Statistical Institute
Chair: Professor Ashwini Deshpande, CEDA and Ashoka University

15.00-16.30 (GMT) / 20.30-22.00 (IST)
Opportunity to view virtual special sessions with others attending the in-person event, with a chance to discuss and comment on the sessions.

16.40-17.40 (GMT) / 22.10-23.10 (IST) – This session is live streamed from the Virtual Conference
Hahn Lecture: The future of working from home
Keynote speaker: Professor Nicolas Bloom, Stanford University
Chair: Professor Rebecca Riley, Kings College London