Encouraging diversity in economics with the RES Diversity and Inclusion Network event

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 The latest event for the Diversity and Inclusion network was held on 9 June in-person at HM Treasury, co-hosted by GES. The programme kicked off with an insightful panel discussion on “Why diversity matters to economics”, followed by breakout sessions covering:

  • How to create inclusive learning environments;
  • Diversity and inclusion, and your organisation’s triple bottom line;
  • Creating inclusive learning environments for LGBTQA+ economists; and
  • The socio-economic background of Economics students.

The full event programme can be found here.

We are very grateful to all the panel speakers and breakout session facilitators for sharing their experience and time so generously, and facilitating thought-provoking discussions. It was great to see so many people connecting and sharing good practice and ideas.

A synopsis of the event will be circulated to the network and added to the website soon.  To join the Diversity and Inclusion network mailing list, please click here.  For more information on the Diversity and Inclusion network, please click here.