EJ to Discontinue the Annual Conference Volume


The Economic Journal has over the past published an annual Conference Volume featuring keynote speeches and outstanding articles from the RES Conference. The 2018 Conference issue featuring articles from the 2017 RES Conference will be the last issue of its kind.

The Conference Volumes have made an important and valuable contribution to the EJ. However, the number of regular submissions to the Economic Journal has increased very strongly the last few years and is now over 1500 a year. Despite the growth in the volume of submissions, journal turnaround times have been kept remarkably low. The strong growth in submissions is a great sign of the success of the journal, but also means that journal space has become very expensive. For that reason, and to manage publication delays, it has been decided that the EJ will focus on regular articles and will, therefore, no longer publish a Conference Volume. The journal will continue to publish plenary talks from the RES Annual Conferences and to encourage authors of papers presented at the conferences to submit their articles as regular submissions to the journal.