Discover Economics Case Study: Women in Economics

The annual Women in Economics day is held at the University of Cambridge and run by Dr Victoria Bateman. Around 100 sixth formers are invited to the event from across the UK. They are not required to be studying economics at the time, but they do need to be studying maths. The event has been running since 2015 and usually has a theme. Each year tends to include the following panels:

1. A panel with a senior female policymaker or notable politician. Past guests have included Kate Barker and Yvette Cooper. The idea is for this to be the more "real world"/"practical" panel – to see how academic thinking feeds into politics and policy.

2. A panel of early career professional economists (e.g. from think tanks/institutes/policy world) and/or academics. Organisations represented have included the IFS and the Bank of England in the past.

3. A panel of current female economics students and/or very recent economics graduates.

For more information, please contact Dr Victoria Bateman