Discover Economics Case Study: University of Manchester

The University of Manchester held its Discover Economics Day on 9 July, inviting Year 12 students to the university to ‘discover what economics is really about’.

Consisting of a series of interactive educational sessions as well as workshops, mini-lectures, networking sessions and a tour of the campus, the students were given a thorough introduction to the world of economics at undergraduate level and beyond.

Beginning with a talk on game theory, the students subsequently participated in a series of workshops on a mix of topics ranging from microeconomics to environmental economics to behavioural economics. The day allowed the students to get a taste of the breadth of economics as a subject, and the afternoon events – namely a talk on studying economics and a networking event with staff and students – demonstrated the variety of careers to which it can lead.

Fifty-two students went to the University for the Discover Economics Day, 82% of whom came from state schools. One student praised ‘how interactive’ the day was, while another said that the day was valuable as it taught them ‘more about economics in the real-world’. Surveyed after the event, 86% of the students said that they were more likely to study economics at undergraduate level.

The Royal Economic Society supported the University of Manchester’s Discover Economics Day, helping towards marketing, catering, travel and more general support.