Discover Economics Case Study: UCL Discover Economics

University College London (UCL) hosted its Discover Economics event in March 2019, with financial support from the Royal Economic Society. They invited students from around the city to attend a number of events to learn about economics, both as a field of study and as a career.

The day was planned to be as comprehensive as possible. It began with a discussion about the basic principles of economics, before moving onto a practical game intended to explain and demystify the Keynesian model of economics (the students later visited Keynes’s former house during a walking tour).

The students then heard from a panel of economics graduates who explained how an economics degree can open a lot of different career options beyond the banking, financial and consultancy sectors. After the talk the students set off on their walking tour, visiting Keynes’s house and Jeremy Bentham’s bust, during which Professor Ramin Nassehi gave the students a short history of the university. To end the day the students attended a few talks at the fifth annual undergraduate research conference Explore Econ, where undergraduates presented their research.

Discover Economics gave London students the opportunity to learn about studying economics at university and a look at real economic research as students at the University presented their research into topics ranging from the NHS to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.