Discover Economics Case Study: Aston University – Economics: Engaging, exciting … and for everyone

In June 2019 Aston University hosted (with financial support from the Royal Economic Society) its event Economics: Engaging, exciting … and for everyone for aspiring economics students, giving them a taste of the subject at undergraduate-level.

With a focus on interactive activities, A-Level students were given a glimpse into the world of economics, especially on how the subject reaches beyond the typical clichés of business and finance. One of the activities was a ‘world trade game’, which involved students using fake money to simulate and learn about world trade and all the factors that affect the international economy.

Another activity was a policy game, where students were asked to imagine and implement a policy change, while considering the economic implications of doing so. The policy suggestions varied dramatically among the students: knife crime, climate change, economic literacy and drug legalisation. An award was offered to the best group (the knife crime group emerged the winners).

Alongside these activities the University hosted debates, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and talks with prominent academics and industry experts. The topics included careers in economic, the gender problem, issues with communications and more general challenges faced by the discipline.