Editorials of all Special Issues now freely available



Each year, the Editors of The Econometrics Journal organise a Special Session on a subject of current interest and importance, with presentations by two leading econometricians, at the Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society. With these Special Sessions, The Econometrics Journal intends to promote econometric theory and methods of substantive direct or potential value in applications and their actual empirical application. Each Special Session normally leads to a Special Issue of the Journal with contributions by one or both of the session’s speakers. In addition, the Editors occasionally commission Special Issues that are unrelated to the Special Sessions.

Oxford University Press now provides free online access to the editorials of all such Special Issues, including the mosty recent ones, on the Methodology and Applications of Structural Dynamic Models and Machine LearningEconometrics of Games,  Econometrics of Networks, and Model Selection and Inference.