Economic Journal referee prize 2023

EJ Referee Prize 2023-02

Referees are a central part of the academic peer review process. They help to ensure that published papers meet the high standards of quality that The Economic Journal is aiming for, and they provide valuable feedback to authors in further improving their work. 

The Economic Journal recognises the contribution of exceptional referees with its annual referee prize. The Journal is delighted to honour the following 14 referees who went beyond the call of duty during 2023:

  1. Michael Amior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  2. Alexandre de Cornière, Toulouse School of Economics
  3. Kevin Donovan, Yale University
  4. Florian Hoffmann, KU Leuven
  5. Edward Kong, Harvard University
  6. Julius Koschnick, London School of Economics and Political Science
  7. Etienne Lehmann, University Panthéon-Assas Paris 2
  8. Weijia Li, Monash University
  9. Mounu Prem Einaudi, Institute for Economics and Finance
  10. Bryony Reich, Northwestern University
  11. Carlo Schwarz, Bocconi University
  12. Sergio Vicente, University of Luxembourg
  13. Sevgi Yüksel, University of California Santa Barbara
  14. Román Zárate, University of Toronto

The quality of their reports is outstanding and a great input to the decision and revision process. With its annual Referee Prizes, The Economic Journal wants to recognize these referees. Thank you to these referees for the service they have provided to authors and the journal.