Does the financial sector do more harm than good? David Miles at British Festival of Science


Since the Global Financial Crisis began, the financial sector has been strongly criticised. As part of the 2015 British Festival of Science, you are are invited to join former RES Council member and economist Professor David Miles (Bank of England MPC) and his panel as they discuss the extent to which the financial sector is a force for good and the role it should play in helping the economy grow and prosper. David will be joined by Professor John Kay and Professor Kevin Dowd on Tuesday 8th September starting at 1600 at the Stanley Bell lecture theatre, Richmond Building, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP.

The British Science Festival is Europe''s longest-standing national event which connects people with scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists.

Tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate the latest developments in science and to engage in open discussion about issues that affect our culture and society.

Each September the British Science Festival transforms a different UK city into a vibrant celebration of science, engineering and technology.

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