Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The RES has collated resources to support those working on improving diversity and inclusion in Economics. These resources have been organised in to six different categories as below. 

Should you have any resources to add to these pages, or have any feedback then please contact us by e-mailing programmesofficer@res.org.uk

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Why Diversity and inclusion in Economics is an Issue

This section includes materials and research evidencing the lack of diversity and inclusion in the Economics profession, and why this is an issue for the discipline.


Leading Economics Teams and Departments

Here you will find resources relating to recruitment practices, building an inclusive culture and recruiting a diverse pipeline of students.


Teaching Practices

This section includes resources relating to inclusive learning practices, biases in teaching evaluations and links to relevant organisations that support economics education.


Research, Journals and References

Find out more about biases in the editorial process, equitable access to journals, and biases when writing references.

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Organising and Hosting Events

Materials here will help you organise events that are diverse and inclusive, and ensure that delegates behave in a professional manner.


Professional Conduct

Here you will find resources relating to standards of professional conduct, including materials on how to be an 'active bystander', an example Code of Conduct and details of the RES complaints procedure.