Why Diversity and Inclusion in Economics is an issue

This section includes materials and research evidencing the lack of diversity and inclusion in the Economics profession, and why this is an issue for the discipline.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it is a valuable place to start your research. You can use the general website search function to locate information on a specific topic (click on the icon in the top right corner of this page). 

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RES Women’s Committee: Status of Women in Economics survey

The RES Women’s Committee publish a biennial report on the status of women in economics in the UK. All latest findings can be found here.

Feb 2024

Research report

Who studies economics? The pipeline for Black Economists

A short paper from Stefania Paredes Fuentes, RES Diversity Champion, sharing data and insights on the pipeline for Black Economists. This was shared as part of the ‘Celebrating our Black Economists’ event organised by the Department of Economics at the University of East Anglia, for Black History month October 2023.



Times HE article: What can we do about the diversity problem in economics?

Times Higher Education article where a group of economists offer five ideas on how to allow and encourage wider access to economics degrees – which is crucial to making the discipline more effective.



LSE Blog: Lack of diversity in economics holds back its relevance and value to society

Blog discussing findings from RES report, ‘Who Studies Economics?’



FT article: “Why is the field of economics still so elitist?”

FT article on the ‘elitism’ of economics – based on the findings from the report “Who studies economics?”



Who Studies Economics? An analysis of diversity in the UK economics pipeline

Comprehensive analysis of diversity in economics exploring the intersection of socio-economic background, gender, and ethnicity among economics students.


Research report

RES Press Release “Who studies economics?”

Press release supporting the report “Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of Diversity in the UK Economics Pipeline”.


Press release

AEA conference session: Gender in the Economics Profession (organised by CSWP)

Session from AEA Annual Meeting in New Orleans on January 6-8, 2023, focusing on gender in the Economics profession – including pipeline, speakers at seminars, gender and tone in economics presentations.


Video – webinar

Status of Women in Economics survey (RES Women’s Committee)

The RES Women’s committee commissions a report every two years to investigate the gender balance within economics in the UK.


Research report

Dame Rachel Griffith – Diversity in Economics

Overview of diversity within economics and key issues faced by the discipline, by Dame Rachel Griffiths, past RES President.



Promoting Diversity in Economics

Special session from RES annual conference looking at a variety of diversity topics within Economics, including presentation of research from Arun Advani, followed by a panel discussion.


Video – webinar

Gender Economics – Policy Implications

Special session from RES annual conference looking at gender economics and policy implications.


Video – webinar

Why does economics need women and women need economics?

Short video from Bristol University where female academics and alumni from the School of Economics discuss what studying and working within economics really means and involves, as well as some of the key real-world issues their insights tackle.



Ethnic Diversity in UK Economics

Examination of the ethnic diversity of academic economists and economics students, to understand both the source of current under-representation
and the prospects for change.
Includes a study of some of the barriers faced by
economics students.


Research report

RES Press Release re: IFS report “Ethnic Diversity in UK Economics”

Press release supporting the report “Ethnic Diversity in UK Economics”


Press release

The race problem in economics

Commentary from the panel discussion at the AEA conference session Jan 2020 on race within the economics profession.



An open letter regarding harassment and discrimination in the economics profession.

An open letter from graduate students and research assistants within economics, suggesting ways in which professional conduct can be improved in the discipline.



Women and economics: “The profession’s problem with women could be a problem with economics itself” (Economist article)

Article from the Economist on the under-representation of women in economics (subscription paywall for full article).