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This section includes resources relating to inclusive learning practices, biases in teaching evaluations and links to relevant organisations that support economics education.

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Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Presentation slides from Professor Gabriella Cagliesi, University of Sussex, on ‘How to create inclusive learning environments” – presented on 9 June to the RES Diversity and Inclusion Network meeting.


Presentation slides

The enCOREage Project

enCOREage project aims to attract and empower a more diverse demographic of undergraduate students and instructors – many at minority-serving institutions – to the study of economics. The project will create a new intro course and e-book for two and four-year institutions in the US.


Press release

Racial and gender achievement gaps in an economics classroom

This paper documents gender and race/ethnic achievement gaps over four semesters of an intermediate-level economics course. It finds that, on average, under-represented minority (URM) students score lower on assessments, and this racial achievement gap differs in important ways for male and female students. Male URM students earned lower final exam scores than male non-URM students, but this gap disappears when we control for differences in prior preparation. In contrast, female URM students performed significantly worse than female non-URM students, even after controlling for prior preparation.


Research paper

Diversity in Economics Learning and Teaching (DELT)

Special session from RES annual conference 2021 looking at diversity in the teaching and learning of economics.


Video – webinar


CORE (Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics) Econ is a global community of learners, instructors and researchers with a mission to reform the teaching of economics. Accessible, relevant, real-world economics teaching, available and free to everyone. CORE Econ’s vision is that a radically transformed economics education can contribute to a more just, sustainable, and democratic world in which future citizens are empowered by a new economics to understand and debate how best to address pressing societal problems.



Variation in Women’s Success across PhD Programs in Economics

Paper in Journal of Economic Perspectives: Research paper finding that departments with better outcomes for women also hire more women faculty, facilitate advisor-student contact, provide collegial research seminars, and are notable for senior faculty with awareness of gender issues. We offer our qualitative evidence as the first step in learning about “what works” in expanding women’s representation in economics.


Research paper

Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations

Journal of the European Economic Association – This paper provides new evidence on gender bias in teaching evaluations. (pay wall)


Research paper

Diversifying Economic Quality (Div EQ)

Resources provided by Div.E.Q. promoting inclusive, innovative, and evidence-based teaching practices in economics.



Making Disability Part of the Conversation: Combatting Inaccessible Spaces and Logics

Article on inclusive / accessible teaching methods, taking account of disabilities.