Diversity & Inclusion Network

The Royal Economic Society Diversity & Inclusion Network aims to support those working on increasing diversity in Economics. We want to contribute to increase participation from under-represented groups and promote a more inclusive culture in the discipline. We connect individuals and groups working on making Economics more diverse and creating a better community and working environment for economists across sectors. Here you can find the D&I Steering Committee.

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  • We organise regular meetings with representatives of various institutions and groups working on increasing diversity and improving inclusion in Economics;
  • We share good practice across the sectors;
  • We provide support for those working in Diversity roles, or with responsibility for diversity, in Economics;
  • We help to identify synergies in the work on diversity and inclusion across institutions and sectors;
  • We contribute to identify gaps in the diversity work across sectors;
  • We provide feedback to the Royal Economic Society (Board of Trustees) on matters relating to diversity in the economics profession through the RES Diversity Champion.

The Economics Diversity and Inclusion Network will include:  

  • The Steering Committee 
  • A representative of the RES Women’s Committee  
  • A representative of the Discover Economics Campaign 
  • Up to two representatives* in charge of designing policies relevant to Diversity and Inclusion in Economics in their university department or non-academic organisation;
  • A representative* from activists groups and organisations working towards improving diversity and inclusion in Economics. 


* The representatives may change should a particular Network topic lend itself to being represented by another lead.  

Relevant RES staff attend meetings as appropriate and provide the secretariat support for the Network.

Diversity and Inclusion Network Events

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