Discover Economics

Discover Economics is a Royal Economic Society campaign to increase diversity in economics. We work to:

  • Broaden the appeal of economics to potential students
  • Change their perceptions of economics and economists
  • Attract more students from under-represented groups (women, state school and further education college students, ethnic minorities members of the LGBTQI+ community and more).

The campaign targets 15-17 year olds – young people who are making choices about what post-16 qualifications to take and what subjects to study at university. We work to transform perceptions of economics among students, particularly those attending schools where it is not provided as a subject. We also work to raise the voices of a more diverse set of economists and expose students to role models already working in the subject.

Economics has a diversity problem. State school and black students are under-represented among economics undergraduates and fewer than 30% of economics students are women.

The lack of diversity among economics students is a problem because economists – who occupy key policy roles in government departments and the Bank of England – need to reflect the society that they are helping to shape. By not studying economics, these students also miss out on a degree that often leads to high-paid and rewarding future careers. 

At Discover Economics our vision is a world in which economics attracts the brightest and best irrespective of their background. In which potential students see economists as being people just like them and are excited by the idea of studying economics.

Young Economist of the Year

The Young Economics of the Year Competition is our annual student-based competition, to encourage students to think about current economic issues and promote the study of economic science. The 2023 Young Economist of the Year competition was held by Discover Economics, sponsored by KPMG. Have a look at the Young Econ webpage below, including information on our finalists and commended entries.

Free school workshops

Discover Economics is offering free, curriculum-linked workshops for students in Years 10 and 12 in state schools across the UK. These are linked to the study of maths, history or careers, and are delivered in-school by trained undergraduates. They’re also available in Welsh! Book a free workshop below. Email discovereconadmin@res.org.uk to find out more.

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