Discover Economics Grant

Economics departments and groups within UK universities can apply for RES funding to support outreach activities for school and college students, to take place during 2023. Lead applicants must be members of the RES. For any enquiries please contact resoffice@res.org.uk.

Institutions who are internally funding their outreach event, can apply for in-kind support. See the dropdown section below. 

Please note that it takes up to four weeks for you to be notified of the outcome of your application. Therefore, any events or activities taking place within the four week period after the deadline, are not eligible for funding.

This grant has now closed, and is not taking any applications at this time.

This fund is designed to encourage school students to develop and pursue an interest in economics.  Economics departments or groups within UK universities can apply for funding for projects or events that combine talks, interactive games and networking/ career opportunities. These should be explicitly aimed at increasing diversity in undergraduate economics students. Examples of potential targets groups include state schools (especially academically non-selective), women and ethnic minorities.

In allocating Discover Economics Grants, the RES will aim to support a range of events across institutions, taking into account geography and the nature of the student groups targeted. 

We can also provide support through the use of the RES logo, speaker sourcing and marketing support. (If you are internally funding your event and would like this in-kind support, please use the form within the section below). 

For events to be held in person, applicants can apply up to a maximum of £1,500 and for virtual events, the maximum is £500.

If speakers’ expenses are requested, only travel and accommodation within the RES Expenses Policy will be reimbursed.

Previous applicants are eligible to apply, however, priority will be given to those who have not received a Discover Economics grant before. Please note that previous grant winners whose outreach is to new audiences and new groups will equally prioritised, subject to available funds. 

If you would like to apply for the Discover Economics Grant, the lead applicant must be a current RES member. Proposed activities must be scheduled to take place in 2023. 

Download and complete the application form from this page. Read carefully the full guidance and eligibility criteria within the form.

Once completed, please submit your application via the submit button by 6 February 2023. Results will be communicated within four weeks after the deadline.

You can apply for in-kind support for your internally funded outreach event. We can provide use of the RES logo, speaker sourcing and marketing support. Depending on the size of your event, there will also be delegate resources made available.

To apply just download this simple form and email it to resoffice@res.org.uk. Please forward your request by 6 February 2023 and you will hear the outcome within four weeks although it is likely this will be completed within a shorter timeframe. 

Download the form

Please download and complete the form and submit it through the website.

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About the Grant

The purpose of the Discover Economics Grant scheme is to encourage universities in the UK to hold outreach programmes for school students and sixth formers to give them an introduction to economics as a field of study and profession. It provides grants annually to university departments and groups within UK universities.

Many universities hold their own outreach programmes, and the RES has already supported a number of Discover Economics days at universities around the country including UCL, University of Manchester, University of Southampton. There is also a guide on how to run an outreach event.

Dr Helen Paul, University of Southampton
We would not have thought of running this kind of event without the RES funding ... Portsmouth and Fareham have pockets of real poverty and we would not have reached these schools without RES funding.
Discover economic attendee, UCL
The 'working as an economist' session was my favourite as it gave me a lot of insight into the possible jobs and paths you can take after studying an economics degree.
Discover economics attendee, Bristol
Even before starting university I’d always known that economics is a male-dominated course. I think that it has a similar reputation to a lot of STEM subjects which also tend to be male-dominated.
Discover economics attendee, UCL
I gained a really developed insight into applying to university for an economics degree and the career opportunities it provides.