New blog launched for Discover Economics


The Health Foundation has joined the Royal Economic Society as a funding partner for the Discover Economics campaign.
Launched last October, Discover Economics is a three-year campaign that aims to change the image and perception of economics. To coincide with the partnership, Discover Economics is launching a new economics of COVID-19 blog. Targeted at school and college students, the blog explains how economic models and data can be used to understand different aspects of the current crisis – covering everything from panic-buying, movements in share prices, the closure of schools, inequality, the role of government, social care to death rates and more.
Prof Sarah Smith, Co-Chair of the campaign said “We are very excited to work with the Health Foundation to change students’ perceptions of economics. Our new blog on the economics of COVID-19 will show how economics can help to make sense of many aspects of the current crisis.”    

If you are interested in writing a post, please contact Sarah Smith (sarah.smith@bristol.ac.uk).