UK WEN Launch Event (7 February 2023)

The Royal Economic Society’s Women’s Committee has launched the new UK Women in Economics Network (UK WEN), with support from the Bank of England. The launch event was held on 7 February, 9:00AM-13:00PM at the Conference Centre of the Bank of England (Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH). The event brought together women economists and supporters of women in economics representing a range of different sectors. The launch event featured several inspirational speakers and panellists drawn from across academia, public sector and private sector to discuss how the different sectors can work together to achieve the mission of UK WEN. At the launch event, we have presented a proposal on the set of UK WEN initiatives to solicit your feedback on what we should prioritise. 

The mission of UK WEN is to support career development of UK-based women in economics across the pipelines by monitoring representation, by providing support for women in their careers as economists, and by enhancing the visibility of women economists and their interests across all sectors.

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