UK WEN Inspirational Talk Event at City, University of London

"Assessing Women's Underrepresentation in UK Economics: Navigating the Journey Ahead"

Date: Tuesday 5 December 2023

Location: School of Policy and Global Affairs, City, University of London

Speaker: Dr. Maria Psyllou, Assistant Professor in Economics, University of Birmingham


The recording from this event can be viewed here.


This event explored the prevalent gender imbalance in the field of Economics
in the UK, underscoring the vital importance of a cultural shift to address
this issue. 

Supported by statistical evidence, the presentation offered a
comprehensive overview of the underrepresentation of women in economics
academia, shedding light on the magnitude of this significant concern. 

Moreover, the presentation sought to increase awareness about the substantial
gender gap in this field. Lastly, it showcased some noteworthy national initiatives actively addressing this imbalance by fostering an environment that
encourages young women to study and pursue careers in Economics. 



For any queries regarding this event, please contact Dr. Maria Psyllou: m.psyllou@bham.ac.uk

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