UK WEN Inspirational Talk Series

Exploring Economics: Career Pathways and Insights

Inspirational Talks for Future Economists

Hosted by the University of Sussex, 22 April 17:00 – 19:00.

At this event, experienced professional women economists from different sectors shared their insights into the diverse opportunities available in the private, public sector, and in academia.

Further details including presentation slides and photos can be found here. 

“Assessing Women’s Under-representation in UK Economics: Navigating the Journey Ahead

Hosted by the City, University of London on 5 December 15:00-16:00, this hybrid event (both in-person and online), explored the prevalent gender imbalance in the field of Economics in the UK. Further details and the recording can be found on the event page here. 

“Inspiring and empowering early-career women in economics,” a joint online event with the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) in November 2023. Further details and the recording can be found on the event page here

“What do professional economists do? A Careers Event for Economics Students”

At this hybrid event on 21 November 2023, we heard from inspirational professional economists working across the economy who provided insights into the work and careers of economists in government, industry and academia.

This event was sponsored by a Cardiff Business School Public Value Engagement Fellowship and was organised by Cardiff Business School in Partnership with UK WEN. 

Find further details including the recording here.

“Exploring the impact of women in economics: lessons and insights,” a joint event with the CEP (LSE) in March 2023. See event page here

Why women need economics and economics needs women,” delivered by UK WEN Chair Professor Almudena Sevilla at University of Edinburgh in February 2023.