UK WEN Inspirational Talk Event at the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR)

"Inspiring and empowering early-career women in economics"

Date: Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Should you have any queries, please contact Dr. Maria Psyllou (m.psyllou@bham.ac.uk).


You can find the recording from this event here.


Presentation slides from Nikoleta Anesti at the Bank of England can be found here.


  • Introduction Almudena Sevilla, Professor of Economic and Social Policy, LSE and Chair of UK WEN
  • Introduction Richard Hughes, Chair OBR
  • Talk, Nikoleta Anesti, Senior Economist, Bank of England
  • Talk, Kimela Shah, Principal, Oxera
  • Q & A
  • Closing remarks


The primary objective of this event is to inspire and empower early-career women in the field of economics and by doing so stimulate culture change within the profession. Through engaging and insightful talks and discussions, the event aims to shed light on diverse career trajectories and encourage women economists to thrive in their respective careers within the economics domain. Accomplished senior economist speakers will share their personal journeys, highlighting the challenges they have faced and conquered, and providing valuable guidance and advice. The overarching goal is to equip aspiring women economists with the knowledge and inspiration necessary to navigate and excel in their own careers. This event seeks to foster a sense of community, promote gender diversity in economics, and contribute to broader societal goals of equality and empowerment. Together, we actively work toward a culture change in the economics profession that empowers women to lead and succeed. We invite you to join us in this enriching experience and contribute to shaping a more inclusive future for economics. 


Women's Committee