UK Women in Economics Network (UK WEN)

The mission of UK WEN is to support career development of UK-based women in economics across the pipelines by monitoring representation, by providing support for women in their careers as economists, and by enhancing the visibility of women economists and their interests across all sectors

UK WEN is open to all and there is no membership fee. Please sign up to our mailing list if you are interested in hearing about future events organised by UK WEN.  

We are also looking for volunteers and experienced economists from all backgrounds who would be interested in supporting UK WEN by acting as speakers at our future events or mentors to women in early careers, or lead one of our proposed initiatives. If you are interested in being involved in such a capacity, please indicate your interest when joining the mailing list.

UK WEN Events

Our latest event, the UK WEN annual networking event was held on 7 February 2024. The event was kindly sponsored by the Society of Professional Economists (SPE) and Haver Analytics, and hosted by Nomura Asset Management.  Recordings can be found on the event page, along with the event programme. 

Our next careers event will be on 5 June, sponsored and hosted by the GES at HM Treasury. Find out more and register here. 

UK WEN Jobs Board

Our UK WEN Jobs Board – gives organisations the opportunity to advertise relevant job vacancies with our UK WEN mailing list. This is via our website, our newsletter and our social media channels.

Click here to view the current job listings, and to advertise job vacancies, please contact Victoria Parkinson (programmesofficer@res.org.uk)