Consciously Inclusive Mentoring modules


The RES Women’s Committee are pleased to welcome you to this “Consciously Inclusive Mentoring” programme. The below has been designed to further your awareness and learning around the need for inclusive mentoring skills and mentoring in a coaching style. The programme has been designed in easily digestible mini-modules, to allow participants to complete this around other commitments. Modules 3, 4 and 5 contain the most content and learning activities.

Course content

Part 1 “Understanding Consciously Inclusive Mentoring”; self-guided  
Part 1 offers resources for you to engage in your own time. We estimate this to require 90 minutes of work in total but can be completed in stages. Each module builds on the one before.  

Download your workbook (from top right of this page) before working through the below modules. All video content is located below.

  • Mini-Module 1 – video (below): Introduction to diversity and inclusion challenges in economics.
  • Mini-Module 2 – workbook: Self-reflection exercise on positive and negative experiences of being mentored, or mentoring.
  • Mini-Module 3 – video (below): Bringing ourselves into mentoring – the role of preferences, identities and biases in mentoring.
  • Mini-Module 4 – workbook: Understanding your own preferences, identity and biases.
  • Mini-Module 5 – video (below): Consciously Inclusive Mentoring skills.
  • Mini-Module 6  – workbook: Reflection and action planning.

Part 2 “Becoming a Consciously Inclusive Mentor” ; virtual sesson
Part 2 will be a virtual 90 minute session, to take place on Zoom, facilitated by Ellie Highwood.  The date and more information will follow shortly.


Module 1

Module 1 - Consciously Inclusive Mentoring Introduction

Module 3

Module 3 - Bringing ourselves into mentoring

Module 5

Module 5 - Consciously Inclusive Mentoring skills