Standards of Conduct Survey

The Royal Economic Society is strongly committed to the encouragement of an inclusive and diverse profession, and to promote good professional conduct throughout the profession. This objective is important in itself but also helps ensure that talent in its many forms can flourish to the advantage of a strong and effective economics community. Poor conduct – for example, aggressive behaviour towards another member of the profession or not giving due recognition to others’ work – is inimical to achievement of this goal. 

The Society has established a Code of Conduct to set out the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable conduct. It has also established a Complaints Policy to allow complaints to be made about alleged breaches of the Code in the course of the Society’s events and proceedings. 

The Complaints Policy is administered by the Standards of Conduct Committee which investigates complaints and, if shown to be substantiated, recommends sanctions to be taken against those in breach of the Code of Conduct.

To help in taking forward this agenda, the Society would be grateful if you were able to complete the short survey in the link below: