Christoph Rothe appointed Co-editor of The Econometrics Journal

EctJ new editor - chris rothe-06

The Royal Economic Society is delighted to announce that as of May 2024, Christoph Rothe has joined Raffaella Giacomini, Dennis Kristensen, and Petra Todd as a new Co-editor of The Econometrics Journal. Christoph is Professor of Economics at University of Mannheim and has been an Associate Editor of the Journal since 2022. His research interests include non- and semiparametric methods and causal inference.

Christoph succeeds Victor Chernozhukov whose third and final term expired on May 1. Victor has been with The Econometrics Journal for many years, including the last nine as a Co-editor. He played a key role in developing and implementing the current editorial direction of the Journal. The editors would like to express gratitude and appreciation for his dedicated editorial service.

The Econometrics Journal was established by the Royal Economic Society in 1998 to promote the general advancement and application of econometric methods and techniques to problems of relevance to modern economics. The Journal is overseen by the Managing Editor, Jaap Abbring, and the Co-editors. The editorial board includes Associate Editors, first-rate econometricians from around the world who act as ambassadors, advisors, and referees.