Membership fees

The fee an individual pays for RES membership is now determined by their income. This method of calculating member fees has been introduced at a number of societies including the American Economic Association and Econometric Society.

In October 2021, members were invited to confirm their membership tier. Please contact the office at finance@res.org.uk if you wish to change tier. 

The current membership prices can be found below. VAT is excluded from these figures and is applicable for those in the UK and the EU. UK-based members are reminded that they may be able to claim tax relief on the cost of RES membership. Further information is available here

A FAQ on the new pricing structure is available at this link. The Society has also made changes to the pricing of print + online membership which are set out in the FAQ.  

Online Member£20.00
Online Member 3 years£55.00
Online Member£32.00
Print & Online Member£147.00
Online Member 3 years£87.00
Print & Online Member 3 years£376.00
Online Member£64.00
Print & Online Member£179.00
Online Member 3 years£173.00
Print & Online Member 3 years£462.00
Online Member£114.00
Print & Online Member£229.00
Online Member 3 years£309.00
Print & Online Member 3 years£598.00
Online Member£137.00
Print & Online Member£251.00
Online Member 3 years£370.00
Print & Online Member 3 years£659.00

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