Articles from 2021 Nobel Prize winners made open access


On 11 October 2021 the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Professor Guido ImbensProfessor David Card and Professor Joshua Angrist for research using natural experiments which ‘can be used to answer central questions for society’.

To celebrate their contribution to economics the articles by each of the prize winners are now free to view.

David Card writes for The Economic Journal on ‘Peer Effects of Immigrant Children on Academic Performance of Native Speakers: Introduction’ which can be read here. Card’s articles ‘Is the New Immigration Really So Bad?’ and ‘Active Labour Market Policy Evaluations: A Meta-Analysis’ are also available to view.

In 2013, Guido Imbens reviews ‘Public Policy in an Uncertain World’ by Professor Charles F. Manski for The Economic Journal. The review sparked a debate with Professor Manski in the pages of The Economic Journal and can be read here.

Joshua Angrist writes for The Economic Journal on ‘New Evidence in Classroom Computers and Pupil Learning’. This article can be read here. ‘Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Theory and Practice’ and ‘Protective or counter‐productive? labour market institutions and the effect of immigration on EU natives’ by Angrist are also available to view.

The Sargan Lecture at the Royal Economic Society 2021 Annual Conference was given by Guido Imbens and can be viewed here.