Annual Conference 2022: A special session by the RES Women’s Committee


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The Royal Economic Society 2022 Annual Conference will be holding a special session by the RES Women’s Committee.

The session will be held during the first day of the conference, 11 April 2022, 16:15-17:45pm, covering the topic of “The Efficient Allocation of Female Talent in the Economics Profession”.

As the status of women in economics has come increasingly under the spotlight, in the US and elsewhere, this session brings to light two fundamental questions: What are the causes behind the persistent gender inequality in the profession? and what are the implication for the efficient production of economic knowledge?

The session will cover these questions by looking at different data sets and research from various sources.

Further details about the session may be seen below:


This session will show the latest figures on representation of women in economics from the RES Women’s Committee, The Gender Imbalance in UK Economics (Hengel) and will explore some of the latest research documenting gender gaps in the economics profession, such as gender differential in advising practices (Casarico), in peer recognition (Iriberri) and in the provision and impact of expert opinion (Smith).

We will close the session with a reflection about how sticky norms within the profession are behind the lack of progress in closing the documented gender gaps and can slow down the production of economic knowledge (Lundberg).


This session will be chaired by Professor Almudena Sevilla (RES Women’s Committee and UCL), along with the following speakers:

  • Dr. Erin Hengel, UCL
  • Professor Alessandra Casarico, University of Bocconi
  • Professor Nagore Iriberri, University of The Basque Country
  • Professor Sarah Smith, University of Bristol
  • Professor Shelly Lundberg, University of Santa Barbara

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