Vacancy: The Economic Journal Special Issues Editor

The Royal Economic Society is soliciting applications for the position of Special Issues Editor of The Economic Journal for an initial two-year period from Autumn 2024 (renewable for an additional two years subject to a performance and remuneration review

Vision & Aims

The vision is to create new Special Issues of The Economic Journal. Papers published in the special issues (or in special sections of regular issues) will be high quality, themed, focused on questions of high relevance to society and academia, subject to fast editorial turnaround processes, with content generated through open calls, and with activities integrated with other parts of RES activities such as its Annual Conference, and potentially with RES partnerships.

The Aims of The Economic Journal Special Issues are:

  • To provide new opportunities for publishing high-quality academic work to the benefit of the members of the RES, especially younger ones, and to the profession at large.
  • To provide the RES with an opportunity to impact on society and on academia by publishing Special Issues that are focused on questions of high academic and societal importance.
  • Improve the publication process by making the editorial process streamlined and fast. This will be accomplished by limiting Special Issues papers to a maximum of 25 pages, by constraining the number of rounds of revisions to two, and assuring a fast, high quality and efficient editorial review process.
  • To provide the RES with an opportunity to increase the symbiosis between its publications activities and its other activities such as its Annual Conference, Economics in Action, etc., by regularly organizing conferences and meetings where the potential contents of the Special Issues are presented to a wider audience.
  • To provide a channel of growth of content of The Economic Journal. The initial aim is that at least 30 papers would be published per year by the fourth year (and onwards).
  • To help the RES deliver its 2024-2028 strategy, by which the Society will expand the journal programme and the number of articles published to support financial sustainability in a future open access (OA) market.

Role responsibilities

The Special Issues Editor will:

  • Facilitate communication and coordination between The Economic Journal (EJ) Editorial Board (and the Editor-in-Chief) and the special issue activities and publications.
  • Be responsible for generating ideas for special issues in consultation with the EJ Editorial Board.
  • Be responsible for assigning the theme/topic to each scheduled special issue or special section of a regular issue. If there is a need for a given special issue, the EJ Special Issues Editor may work with a Guest Editor (GE), which can be drawn from the EJ Editorial Board (including Joint Managing Editors and Associate Editors) and Associate Editors from The Econometrics Journal Editorial Board.
  • Be responsible for organizing open calls for papers on assigned special issue themes/topics possibly in collaboration with GEs.
  • Be ultimately responsible for the editorial decisions on special issue (or special section) content.
  • Ensure that production deadlines are met; must oversee the work of GEs, and enforce a high quality and speedy review process.
  • Be responsible for organizing workshops / special RES sessions if needed, in collaboration with RES and GEs.
  • Be responsible for organizing Open Access funding/sponsorship if needed.
  • Be responsible for preparing for the fourth-year performance review of EJ Special Issues.

Term: it is anticipated that the Editor will serve a four-year term (renewable after two years, subject to a performance and remuneration review), commencing no later than October 2024.

The position is remunerated (at the same level as the Journal’s Joint Managing Editors).

Applicants should submit a current curriculum vitae and a covering letter setting out your relevant experience and motivations for applying by email to Brooke Sperry, Senior Publications Manager ej@res.org.uk by 13 May 2024.

Job description

Download the job description for more information about the role.