Vacancy: RES Conference Secretary

Michael McMahon’s term as Conference Secretary ends in October 2021. The RES now seeks expressions of interest to succeed Michael in this key position.

The RES Annual Conference is the Society’s flagship event, bringing together hundreds of academic and professional economists to present the latest developments in economics and showcase their real-world application. The conference currently runs as a three-day event, with a postgraduate symposium (organised and run by students) being held in the same venue on the fourth day.

The Conference Secretary is responsible for overseeing arrangements related to the conference, ensuring that it meets and supports the Society’s strategic objectives, that it runs (insofar as is possible) as a financially sustainable event, and that the program structure, connections and media exposure generated are of value to the Society, the speakers and delegates. A Program Chair is appointed for each conference who takes responsibility for the academic program. The operational delivery and promotion of the conference is managed by the RES office. In the coming years the RES hopes to broaden the content and audience of the Annual Conference, possibly through the creation of partnerships with relevant other groups.

The term is three years, which may be renewed once.

Applicants should submit a CV with a covering letter to Georgina Jenkins events@res.org.uk identifying how they meet the criteria set out in the role description. Applications close on 25 June 2021.

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